About Us



Here at Goo Goo Blah Blah our mission is to make and design unique and custom onesies for our customers. We have the best quality fabric along with high quality ink to print our designs with. All our printing and pressing is done by us for you!

About our designs: If you have taken a look at our current inventory you might have noticed a few things: Number 1: We support veganism. 2: We are Christians. 3: We support the choice to NOT follow the CDC’s recommended schedule to vaccinate children. And Number 4: We have a sense of humor.

That being said, we also have a mission to create a better life for newborns and infants around the world. We know that parents are ultimately the deciding factor in whether or not a baby has a happy or unhappy upbringing, which is why we are focused on designs that will bring a smile to the parent’s face. We hope that our onesies will remind parents what is truly important when raising the young. And we hope we can deliver smiles while doing that.

Our son Roman was our inspiration for creating Goo Goo Blah Blah. We have always wanted to be stay at home parents in order to create the happiest environment for our children. Owning and operating a small business from home was our way of doing just that! We love all the support it has created from our family, friends, and even strangers! We fully support every parent’s ability to become entrepreneurs and self-sustaining businessmen/women. Saying that, we know all of the struggles that starting a business at home can create so we’d also like to invite you to email us with any questions you might have so we can help you spend more time at home with your family.


Our little guy at 3 months old. 


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